Fama Business Center, before being a business unit of the real estate company Fama Investimenti S.r.l., is an idea of Fabio Massaro, an entrepreneur from Bari with passion for work and offices.

Fascinated and influenced by Milan in the 1990s, together with his team, he has matched the organisational industriousness of the north with the passion and ingenuity of the south, giving life to his own Business Center idea.

Not impersonal and random structures, but welcoming and elegant buildings.
Not just one office per city, but several locations, offering convenient and strategic solutions.
Up to custom projects, tailor-made offices, planned on detailed customer specifications.

P.A.R.T.E. is our magic word, our policy document, which identifies the values that inspire every daily action in the Company: Passion, Assurance, Responsibility, Transparency, Efficiency.

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